Nova Mentor 6 Light M [90 - 110]

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FOR SALE: Nova Mentor 6 Light M, 7-2019, 90-110 kg, Price: 2600 EUR, Shipping: Plus Shipping

DHV 1-2/EN B/Solo PG, Condition: Mint – 2 hours, Colors: BLUE, Location: Munich – Germany [ DE ]

Reason: I am selling behalf of my friend. He is stepping up to C Class. Other item info: No SIV, no ground handling, no water, no damages, only flown grassy takeoffs, 2 hours only.The wing will be in Germany, Munich. It can be shipped to all over Europe.Just got a 2-hour flight on the grassy areas. The photos were just taken.

Still under NOVA PROTECTION 1 Year – until July 2020, plus 3 years.

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